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Sex Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Date of Birth: 17 June
Address: 42 Zungeru Road,Kano
·         I have been actively involved in research and data analysis – as a student of research,

a lecturer and as an entrepreneur since 2012.

·       I have been supporting individuals and organizations through various stages of research:

identification of research problem, literature resource retrieval, designing and validation of

data collection instruments & data collection facilitation, data coding, entry and analysis, report review and compilation and publishing guidelines. I supported several Masters & Ph.D.  Research scholars with various aspect of their research work especially in the areas of research methodology, instruments design and data Analysis task.

· I have a strong bias towards educational research. For more information, please   visit: I have also written a number of books: Foundation Concepts in Organic Chemistry, Pre-NCE Practical Chemistry, and Comprehensive Organic Chemistry for NCE Students, among others. I have attended & participated in many professional conferences and written research articles in reputable journal.

ICT Skills

·         I hold a postgraduate diploma in Information technology from ISP computer institute, Kano.

I equally hold a diploma in web development & certificate in graphics design from HiiT Training Institute,

Kano. This equipped me with web & graphic designing skills that I have continued to apply in my business

and work place.

·  I have also been involved in writing Science Education books for Colleges of Education.

·   I am very versed in word processing applications like Ms. Word and Ms.  Excel and graphical packages

Such as Photoshop, statistical packages like SPSS among others. I have taught computer packages to various

groups of people i.e. among secondary, college and university level students.

·        In my work place, I have been able to employ my ICT skills in processing data (using word processors

and statistical packages), building a website for my courses, setting up Learning Management System/computer based testing & grading with immediate feedback for my students and storing their information in an online database. I have trained and supported many post graduate/research scholars in their post graduate research and data   analysis with SPSS.

·    I am also well skilled in computer maintenance and troubleshooting with over 10 years’ experience.

·         My teaching and training skills span over a decade. I have been involved in teaching since 2003 as trained teacher with NCE. In 2007 and 2017, I undertook Bachelor of Science education (B.Sc. Ed.) and Masters of Science Education (M. Ed) respectively, which gave me more exposure in teaching and training.

·         I have taught all levels of education, from nursery, primary, secondary schools, college to university levels, covering a wide range of areas including, Biology, Chemistry, Research techniques, Statistics, and Data Coding, Entry & Analysis and  various Computer applications


From February 2021 to Date: PhD in Chemistry Education at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (In View)

From January 2014 to January 2017:  Masters in Science Education at   National   Open University of Nigeria

From August 2004 to October 2007:  Bachelor of Science in  Chemistry Education at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

From January 2001 to August 2003:  Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) at  Federal College of Education, Kano.

From January 1992 to June 1997:  Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) at Inye Community Secondary School Inye, Kogi State.

From August 1986 to August 1991:  First School Leaving Certificate  at Kundila   Special Primary School, Kano.

From January 2017 to Current (2019)

CEO, Bounty ICT Ventures & Educational Research Experts

From December 2012 to current(2019)

Lecturer with Federal College of Education, Kano

From December 2012 to  current (2017)

Graphic Designer, Word Press Blog & Website designer & Research Data Analysis Experts at  Online Freelance Services

From December 2009 to  current (2011)

Station Head at Media Monitoring Services Nigeria Limited, Sokoto & Kano States Branch offices

S/No. Title Year Publisher Place
1. Foundation Concepts in Organic Chemistry 2013 MMSLN Publishers Kano
2. Comprehensive Organic Chemistry for NCE Students 2013 MMSLN Publishers Kano
3. Pre-NCE Practical Chemistry Handbook 2013 MMSLN Publishers Kano
4 Comprehensive Educational Research Techniques & Statistical Analysis for Undergraduates 2014 MMSLN Publishers Kano
5 Comprehensive Information Technology Student Workbook 2016 Bounty ICT Ventures Kano
6 Comprehensive Science Education Handbook for Undergraduate Students 2018 Bounty ICT Ventures Kano


Journals and Conferences